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3D XML Carousel

3D carousel using external XML file and dinamically loaded images, png in this case, it also works with JPG and other file formats.
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user ankur
ankur 7 years ago

good work...

user cloudyspuk
cloudyspuk 10 years ago

how can i put a center image hope it can be cause i really need it ,thx!

user ganesh05
ganesh05 10 years ago

Congrats you got fan out here

user tmbotega
tmbotega 10 years ago

How do I do to show pages in a frame. For example: someone clicks some link and it appears in a frame not reloading the parent page.

user matt2002
matt2002 10 years ago

Thanks! this is just what I was looking for, does anyone know how I can make the links open in a new window?

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