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Dynamic Sliding Menu V2

A completely revamped version of my previous slide-menu. It is more dynamic in the way it adopts the stage-size and the position of each slide. Nearly all settings can be easily changed by a variable in the actionscript on mainframe (see comments inside!).
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user fucar07
fucar07 1 decade ago

great I think.

user estranged23
estranged23 1 decade ago

sorry, but I'm new using as3, and I'm looking for something like this, but I want to use images as buttons, and if it's possible load them using a XML file, somebody know how to do it or where find some file like that??

great job !

user ipubi
ipubi 1 decade ago

Thank you!

user ebe_gumeci
ebe_gumeci 1 decade ago


user marcosvca
marcosvca 1 decade ago

so cool .. great ..

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