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Html News Banner

A cool news banner with tabs in the right side and html description in the left side.
All the colors can be changed from the xml files, and the content can be also changed from the same xml file.
The tabs can have a title and a subtitle, and the description part can benefit from a wide range of html and css goodies, such as styled paragraphs, bold, italic and underlined text, hyperlinks,...
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news banner tabs rotator html text css hyperlinks

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user maxhenrry
maxhenrry 11 years ago


user kaliraj
kaliraj 12 years ago

Thank you

user calleg
calleg 13 years ago

no show specials caratecs (`^'~)can you fix it?

user blass98
blass98 13 years ago

Thank you so much, very nice and usefull work.

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