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user RubenBristian
RubenBristia.. (15)

Aurora Effect

This is a simple aurora borealis effect.
You can change colors, speed, size, number of lines, etc 753 bytes!!

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aurora borealis flash glowing lines rainbow colorful

Download (26.41 KB)


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user spear
spear 11 years ago

Thanks! :)

user kpgrath
kpgrath 12 years ago

good one

user redrum
redrum 12 years ago

Ruben, I want to use this as background of my personal site. I'll put your name with a link to your site. I you permit me to do so, please kindly reply. I'll do it when I get your permission. Thank you.

user scorpionlair
scorpionlair 12 years ago

este e muinto loko parabens.

user Neophous
Neophous 12 years ago

Ruben, how can I obtain the code to this incredible piece so I can embed it into my own site?

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