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Advanced Photo Gallery With Categories

Hi guys..thanks for all the positive support for my first upload, which encourage me to upload a more advanced version of gallery with categories and scrolling. Gallery is using my own custom build AnimTween tween class. Hope u enjoy the files and be useful for your future projects. For Contact me :
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user welchyboy
welchyboy 7 years ago

I love it but can't figure out how to edit the content in flash. I have Flash CS6 but after making the changes I save as flash and it no longer works correctly. I tried in CS4 as well with the same issue.

I tried doing what mattockr suggested;
I have managed to answer my own question, hope this helps.
There is navigation built into the gallery but I could not see it. I have now found it and the description for the individual image is next to the navigation. To view it you need to edit the Gallery-projectcs4.fla file.
Open the movie clip P - ALL
You will see a layer called imageNav(Hidden_now)
This is currently behind imageArea layer
Simply drag the imageNav(Hidden_now) layer up so that it is above the imageArea layer.
This will now be visible and you will see the navigation and image description. Hope this helps others :).
All I need to do now is change the font as it is a rather difficult font to read. Any help greatly received.

user imran.khancs
imran.khancs 8 years ago

its really awesome ...

user gentewiki
gentewiki 8 years ago

excellet, thanks!

user berneyab
the listing author berneyab 8 years ago

Thanks my friends..your support is awesome....please post here... what type of flash components you want next... am free right now, so i think its time to help my you all..

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 8 years ago

I made it an "admin pick".

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