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user ValdirAlmeida
ValdirAlmeid.. (1)

Animals Photo Gallery in Flash

Photo album with 50 pictures of animals in flash for websites and blogs.
Is ready. Just put on the page deseu website or blog.

Files: SWF

Listing url:
575 downloads, 13255 views

album photos in flash animals

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user cate
cate 9 years ago

Very nice work !
But I prefer with the Fla in AS3, so difficult here to understand !
But my level isn't perfect !!! :-)

user sstone700
sstone700 9 years ago

Awesome work! Thanks for sharing!

user robpeg824
robpeg824 9 years ago

This is awesome! Great detail.

user coollew
coollew 9 years ago

Very nice Thanks!

user gatoechado
gatoechado 9 years ago

great work!!!! full of such things to use!!! ;)