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user FC_FC
FC_FC (6)

Dynmanic Flash XML Gallery v.01

Dynamic flash xml gallery with mouseY scroll and you can load unlimited image UPDATE : OTOMATIC TIMER ROTATE.. Fix some Problems.
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flash xml gallery image photo scroll

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user FC_FC
the listing author FC_FC 11 years ago

-borun143 : You can externally load your images any when you do this you may creat an object which have an ID that has your Big Image's path then When you drag and drop an area this ID help you to load big images.. It's a one of way to do this.. I hope you will delevop it..

user borun143
borun143 11 years ago

I want to make a drag and drop galery in flash.There are some thumnail images.I want to call the images externaly using the thumbnail..When i drag a thumbnail image to specific area it will show the large image against the thumbnail..can any one help me jow can i do this...

user ecarollo
ecarollo 12 years ago


user gentewiki
gentewiki 12 years ago

great job, congrats!

user ede_gent
ede_gent 12 years ago

Pitty it doesn't adapt and gets bigger when you click on full screen

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