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Gallery with Drag and Rotate

Thanks to who posted a great FLA (Drag & Rotate with easing) I've added this function to the gallery (originally made by Badawe). There is still a lot of work to do: 1) clean the code 2)add a "view back side" with tilt 3)add a "sort" button, and so on. So... anybody wants to help me? P.S. for everyone: remember to import the mxp
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user luinz
luinz 7 years ago

as2.... :((

user iso_tan
iso_tan 8 years ago

you must find your computer ""
and copy this file into gallery folder ;)

user Talesvitor
Talesvitor 8 years ago

Hello, I would use this flash, but the photos are larger, 700 x 700 pixels.
How should I do?
Can you help me?

user mc9625
the listing author mc9625 9 years ago

eruiz: "google is your friend" ds.html Please remember that this file (and mc_tween_as as well) is quite old and works only with AS2.

user eruiz
eruiz 9 years ago

this guy never response??? i need the please!!

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