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user sergioaqueri
sergioaqueri (1)

Photo Gallerie with 5 images

Photo Gallerie with 5 images, you can change all pictures and link to web site.
2077 downloads, 30260 views

menu images photo gallerie action script 2

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user amee79
amee79 11 years ago

nice one

user potsy
potsy 12 years ago

The did the trick.

user JRB
JRB 12 years ago

Brazilians speak Portuguese !

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 12 years ago

I think if you go to and paste the text, it will auto-detect language.

user potsy
potsy 12 years ago

adrian..I didn't mean what actionscript version, I meant..what language is the text on the layers, and the items in the library..I didnt see any actionscript at all. I want to google to the text into english, but first I must know the original language..

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