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user raisa
raisa (2)

Photo Gallery with Scroller

This photo gallery contains next and previous button together with a scroller.
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user cbetoc
cbetoc 1 decade ago

I'd like to know how much I have to pay to use this photo gallery for commercial purpose. /

user denisfresnay
denisfresnay 1 decade ago

How could i refresh the picture's small? It's OK for picture's big.
Tannk you.

user gentewiki
gentewiki 1 decade ago

excellent ;)

user rynzco
rynzco 1 decade ago

hi do you have a as2 version of this file?...

user amber1829
amber1829 1 decade ago

Hi Raisa,how could i put a url link to go to link website when the image was clicked?Please help me..Thank you.

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