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Simple Gallery v3

SlideShow added.
A new thumb area added.
Random transition now support excluding or including transitions
A lot of small changes.
*21 different transition effects (over 100 different subtypes).
*Has a simple preloader for images (Fixed the bug).
*Few bug fixes

v1 : A simple gallery with 18 different transition effects.

This is the first version of a...
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user J.Kovalev
J.Kovalev 7 years ago

Cool job, thanks!

user gentewiki
gentewiki 8 years ago

good! thanks!

user hector1439
hector1439 9 years ago

Good work!

user jai24
jai24 9 years ago

1 question about flash, How to link any software setup
or file in button in flash?

user tecmobeto
tecmobeto 9 years ago

cool, nice very nice

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