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Slide Gallery Beta

Photo Gallery flash with lightbox effect
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user envisageiam
envisageiam 1 decade ago

Hi, how do you alter the links so that when you roll over an image you can click on it and it will take you to the desired URL ?

user Willem
Willem 1 decade ago


I like this Photo Gallery Flash very much. We are a tribute band and like to show some foto's from our gigs in seperate pages. I intergrated this flash in our website but we like to show the prictures in a seperate page which corresponse with the gig we did. In the subdir Pages we can only declare one images.xml. How do i tell the flash-file wich xml it has to look at, so the right pictures will be shown (place in seperate subdirs).

Thank for your reaction in advance, with regards,

user ankur
ankur 1 decade ago

good work..........

user abello
abello 1 decade ago

ayuda por favor... como puedo insertar a galeria en Dreamweaver... la insertarla no me muestra nada... si me pueden ayudar porfa

user goranmax
goranmax 1 decade ago

Can you tell me how to create a second scroller in the same flash movie.
I have dublicated the same script...but not working

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