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user pradeepkorriya
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XML Driven Slied show in AS3

Here You can see how can load external XML, and create a simple slide show. And Some little basics of AS3
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xml slide show as3 external xml

Download (459.82 KB)


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user aznballer04
aznballer04 1 decade ago

how do you remove this when you move to another frame? can you give me the actionscript code?? please?

user nesmoth
nesmoth 1 decade ago

great, very useful, thanks friend

user lucaz
lucaz 1 decade ago

Hi pradeepkorriya!

I try to see it in Safari and Firefox in Mac but just appear the first image and disappear after like 5 seconds and then don't show more images after that.

hope will be of help

user Challengefilms
Challengefilms 1 decade ago

Such great work, I hope I can use 1 or more in my website!

user JessicaAlpha
JessicaAlpha 1 decade ago