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XML Flash Gallery

Customizable XML flash gallery (AS3).
Key features:
- customizable design
- supports multiple categories (image sets)
- scrollable thumbnails, image label and description text
- gallery autoresize or fixed size

Listing url: www.niftygallery.net/en/free-flash-gallery...
3146 downloads, 31947 views

flash gallery xml photo image scrollable autoresize

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user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 7 years ago

User Niftygallery was not active for a long time, but hopefully he will get your message. Try their website maybe ?!

user Ravneet
Ravneet 7 years ago

hi can u tell me how to play auto image slide as well as by clicking...plz help me..

user gentewiki
gentewiki 8 years ago


user serioussahar
serioussahar 9 years ago


user Naz
Naz 9 years ago

This is GREAT! Thankx so much.....

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