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user tpspoons
tpspoons (1)

XML Image gallery with image scrolling

This gallery is better for large images, as if the image is larger than the screen resolution it is scrolled when you click on it.

You can change some settings in the file, such as thumb size etc.

The gallery uses the TweenLite class, which you can download from here: but it is also included in the source.

The classes are AS3, and the fla...
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user motenga
motenga 12 years ago

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user ifuwant2know
ifuwant2know 14 years ago

One buggy thing that I noticed about the gallery is that if you click on multiple images, the events of the prior clicks aren't canceled, so they all display randomly whenever they are done loading.

user pushkinlove
pushkinlove 14 years ago

nice work man
but how to make categories with scroll too??

user pushkinlove
pushkinlove 14 years ago

hey man how can contact with u???

user pushkinlove
pushkinlove 14 years ago

realy amazing! the best one

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