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user flinbu
flinbu (2)

Clothing Label

I made a Clothing label effect with gravity and rotation, i use tweens and create lines with actionscript. Nice effect. CS4 File
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tweens elastic effect lines curves as2 actionscript 2 clothing label

Download (19.90 KB)


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user lindyislife
lindyislife 7 years ago

cool only a few glitches

user drackomanimax
drackomanimax 10 years ago

it is not full work

user firebode
firebode 12 years ago

looks really good and nice effect..

user buckleup
buckleup 13 years ago

if you kill the tween when mouse click, you get rid of the freezing.


user flinbu
the listing author flinbu 13 years ago

Then you can drag it, and drop it...

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