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Multiple Target Spring

Drag the Blue Circles.
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spring circles elastic

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bhavesh_bhanshe 5 years ago


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jstudio99 1 decade ago

Wow!! in my time this would take a month of caculus to program

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nanoffiles 1 decade ago

fernando, azballe and ikiyanay.... The autor provide you the first tool (this great file) and you can developed de rest.. Put you imagiunation to work, maybe you can see the point...

Congratulations, Pedrokost... Good job

user pedrokost
the listing author pedrokost 1 decade ago

Actually it is just an experiment with "springing", but it can be used in different occasions.
Take for example a game so that the red ball is a human and the blue dots are horses pulling him apart (like in circuses in ancient Rome)
You can also remove one blue dot and create a game with the aim to balance the red dot in the center or you loose (you need to add something like wind to make the red ball move away from the center...)
Why do you mean what variable i am using?
private var spring:Number = 0.1; //change the amount of elasticity
private var friction:Number = 0.9; //affects the time to come to rest
private var numHandles:Number = 3; //you can simply add any number of blue dots by changing this number. If you need it you can create 500 handlers :P

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ikiyamay 1 decade ago


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