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Glowing Arrows Preloader

Place the clip "arrows preloader" in the first keyframe of any flash file, remove other content from that same frame; place your normal content at frame 2; preloading animation will play while file is loading; when file is completely loaded it will go to frame 2 and will show your content.
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glowing arrows preloader loading yellow

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user adrianTNT
the listing author adrianTNT (admin) 4 years ago

As internet connection speeds increased, the preloader animation is not visible anymore, file loads too fast :)

user jinjoo
jinjoo 9 years ago

Thank you! Very nice.

user robloxflasher
robloxflasher 9 years ago

i might edt this

user jemshi99
jemshi99 10 years ago


user coco280
coco280 10 years ago

Wow very nice

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