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Hotsite for CS4

Hotsite for CS4
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user bgssilva
the listing author bgssilva 1 decade ago

Hi n0th. I did not use much ActionScript. I made this HotSite virtually all animated with masks. To add another box, the space that is you must reduce the other. They are buttons inside a movieclip.

user n0th
n0th 1 decade ago

Hi! First thanks for the aplication its very useful. Im trying to adapt on my own but i cant add another box as the first six. How can I add another box "pacote" as I can see in the code to have seven instead six.


user online5
online5 1 decade ago

awesome work...twto thumbs up from me!!

user bykurtar
bykurtar 1 decade ago

good job

user BravoRJ
BravoRJ 1 decade ago

Show de bola bssilva.
Parabns pelo maravilhoso lanamento!!!

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