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Tabbed Content

A tabbed navigation for flash websites.
The flash library contains one item, that is the button, you can change buttons colors in that clip, the text is set by actionscript.
When button is clicked it goes to another frame in the timeline, each frame coresponding to one button, frame1, frame 2 ... frame 4.
The flash is saved as Flash MX 2001.

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menu tabs tabbed template button buttons

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user Ayhan1317
Ayhan1317 1 decade ago

simple but god god job man ;)

user mvinyu
mvinyu 1 decade ago

Great example this. To the other critics, isn't creativity after the draft?

user Marto
Marto 1 decade ago

nice use of functions,lacks creativity though :/

user clipdepelicula
clipdepelicula 1 decade ago

Basic 1/10

user adrianTNT
the listing author adrianTNT (admin) 1 decade ago

Yes, it's more like a ... functionality template than a design template.

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