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The idea of this completely scripted 3D scroller is to draw a LED for each font pixel and placing the LEDs on an elliptic oval circular 3D sphere.
The text of the scroller itself is set by a simple string yet a special editable binary font set is created by this script to switch the LEDs on/off. So far only a 5x5 Latin character font with capital letters A-Z, punctuation mark, 0-9 numbers ... is...
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3d led scroller bitwise shifting and operator elliptic oval circular sphere

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user Vinay53
Vinay53 9 years ago

Sir,Please help me how to change the x and y-axis from 0 to any other values, in the actionscript. As you have set the default x and y-axis to 0. Would be very thankful to you if you kindly explain me the process. Thanks in advance.

user Aacplus
Aacplus 9 years ago

This is the stuff I've been looking for

user firebode
firebode 12 years ago


user bonk_bonk
bonk_bonk 12 years ago

This is the stuff I've been looking for. Thanks man. I'll use it for my personal e-card.

user valterTF
valterTF 13 years ago

It's really a creative and useful work. Now my question: how could I add a (it's spelled cedilla) into this flash? A "C" with a small dot below it would do, but so far I failed to do it. Any tip or help is most welcome.

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