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user viijay
viijay (12)

drag grid

I saw this on internet and just want to share with
just drag any box n drop.

Thank u

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drag grid in as3 n drop

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user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 9 years ago

I think it considers you dropped it right above of the bottom row so it places it at the beginning of the bottom row?

user otipap
otipap 9 years ago

Very good, but it's not dropping exactly where I want. I'm trying to figure out where is the register point of the tiles. If I drop a tile in the center of 4 tiles, it will be dropped elsewhere but not near any of these 4 tiles...

user Spredemann
Spredemann 9 years ago

yes, double clicking sometimes messes with it

user ifuwant2know
ifuwant2know 9 years ago

I found a bug if you double click on a tile, when you drop it, it does not shuffle the remaining tiles.

Other than than, nice app.

user vinodrsharody
vinodrsharody 10 years ago

its superb. Thanks for sharing

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