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Cyphrenix Chat-Lite

A basic Web-Chat application that uses a text file as its database to help support your customers on your website by answering any questions they might have about your products or services.
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web online live chat message messaging client

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user surendrakhvs
surendrakhvs 1 decade ago

it soo nice

user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 1 decade ago

i would think all your options for retail templates would be avail in an assoc XML file. if not, throw it up as a contract project on and have one of us do it for ya ;)

user maxpontes
maxpontes 1 decade ago

Hi everyone,
I need some help!!!!
I bought a couple of web templates but a don't have the major softwares (Adobe Flash,Photoshop etc.)to work on them.
Is there any other alternative to get these babies to run?
Thank you much.

user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 1 decade ago

this is my oldest actionscript program. about a month old i think. the idea was to create a customer service chat script that saved to text files rather than a database. i've uploaded the fla so you can see where i was going with it, but since i created web cellular, this program isn't really worth building on. thanks for the intrest though.

user chuy
chuy 1 decade ago

Sure! demo link will be awesome.

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