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Web Form Using AS3 and ASP

This is a web form in AS3, that a modify to use with ASP, so enjoy and change whatever you need.
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web form as3 asp contact email

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taky04 1 decade ago


user leandrodeagostin
the listing author leandrodeagostin 1 decade ago

Hi robloxflasher, yes you can edit klike you wish.

user robloxflasher
robloxflasher 1 decade ago

of i found it :P

user robloxflasher
robloxflasher 1 decade ago

how can i edit it?

user iahamed
iahamed 1 decade ago

Mail.Host I doubt is not the right. Ask your Hosting provider the Mail host = shd be or localhost. Ask this from your host. Thats it. It shd work.

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