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stayAWAY this is an interactive experiment to simulate a symbol's avoidance of the _xmouse and _ymouse. It tests for the distance bet ...
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mask scroll

mask scroll Based image scroll.
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Random petals randomic drop

Random petals randomic drop A Simple flash, with random petals falling over screen.
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Grey effect

Grey effect This flash will help you that how you can change the movieclip into grey. This files is created with Actionscript only. Enj ...
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Go to Different Spots

Go to Different Spots Just a simple use of the mc_tween2.as. It goes to different coordinates on a movieClip.
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mcMouseControl Prev movie clipe or go front when mouse moves left-right. script by K. ilustartion by www.sebograficos.com.br
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Generating Runtime Shadow Of Images With XML

Generating Runtime Shadow Of Images With XML This tutorial is showing how to generate real time glass shadow of images. Loading Dynamically from XML.
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