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Contact Form With ReCaptcha

Ajax contact form with Google reCaptcha anti boot, anti spam system.
Responsive width, fits nicely on mobile devices too.
Easy to customize styling, includes a separated .css file.
You can easily add new input boxes (e.g "city", "address", etc), the new data will be sent automatically.

Easy to integrate in your site, just upload the provided files on your site and paste these two code...
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php contact form verification captcha recaptcha

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user adrianTNT
the listing author adrianTNT (admin) 2 weeks ago

Hi Aantje-Banaantje, try this:
inside tnt_ajax_contact_form.php locate this part, around line 115 in my editor:

if($contact_form_variable!='contact_for m_box_message' and $contact_form_variable!='g-recaptcha-res ponse' and $contact_form_variable!='contact_form_bo x_receiver' and $contact_form_variable!='contact_form_bo x_subject'){

add this condition next to them:

and $contact_form_variable != 'tnt_ajax_contact_form_sent'

user Aantje-Banaantje
Aantje-Banaantje 2 weeks ago

Hi, Great script! Can you show me how to remove this line in the email I get from the form: "tnt ajax contact form sent: true" Thanks!

user umschiff
umschiff 1 year ago

THX a lot!!!!!!!

user adrianTNT
the listing author adrianTNT (admin) 1 year ago

Fixed a problem where captcha box would sometimes not display.
If you have this problem, then re-download.