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user DeliDUMRUL68
DeliDUMRUL68 6 years ago

When it comes to 5 (matrix.swf), it stops. I have changed the xml. It loads other .jpg or .swf files but it doesn't work like this sample in site. It can't load the image5.swf???

user santhoshsiva
santhoshsiva 7 years ago

very cool creations friend!!!

user wiyono
wiyono 7 years ago

Thank for this great file...
But have you for AS3?

Thank you.

user melolonta
melolonta 8 years ago

very nice! but how can i make it to open the link in a new window??

user wiyono
wiyono 8 years ago

This the great slideshow...

I have one question, i would like to rename the menu (number), can i do that, and if i can, how to do that?

Thank you so much.
Best Regard

user tatospider
tatospider 8 years ago

hi Tristan.:)Great work....but i have two problem, my bad english and a website with top frames....can i open the links on "_top"?thanks

user wiyono
wiyono 8 years ago

You are the best.. love it.. thank you so much for share... Great for you...

user linkedla
linkedla 8 years ago

Very very nice, thank you!

user johnburg
johnburg 8 years ago


user curtman
curtman 8 years ago

Please, Educate me.

I'v tried to remove the script i think will do the trick, but its removed that fade and now it skips from 100% alpha - 0% alpha with no fade. How can i have a fade in, but dont fade out the previous image? Thanks.

user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 8 years ago

curtman: absoutely. you'll actually be removing a couple lines of code to accomplish this since it's an additional alpha transition effect that fades the image out.

user curtman
curtman 8 years ago

Hi, Cool Xml Slideshow. Is there way to keep the image up, and only fade in the next image?
It dosnt look smooth having it fade out and then stay there blank until another photos fades in.
It would be cool to have the current image always at 100, and then fade in new image over the top.

user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 8 years ago

Hey Paul
the file your talking about 'copy_this_code.html' is provided by the admin of ffiles. maybe because some ppl don't upload a testing file. both my file 'xmlphoto.html' and the site file should work the same. it's just flash 8, you really should'nt have any problem. sorry i could'nt be more help.

Rahul: Thanks for the support :)

alot of great comments, thanks.

user paulmiller
paulmiller 8 years ago

Hi Tristan sometime when you aren't busy, can you please tell me how to use
a file like this? I draw an HTML box on my page, insert the swf file, then add the full page flash action. I can then see in the browser preview the white border of the photos but no images. What do you mean by copy this code HTML? thanks Paul Miller
www.wherethegeeksr.com paul@wherethegeeksr.com

user nunsunny
nunsunny 8 years ago

just superb

user highmtion
highmtion 8 years ago


user Marto
Marto 8 years ago

Awsome work! 10/10

user Rahulcreation
Rahulcreation 8 years ago

Thanks tristan you make my work easy your fan rahul


user ruthtorres
ruthtorres 8 years ago

very, very nice

user Lolitichak
Lolitichak 8 years ago

Like in dreams... You create imagination.

user mcdazz
mcdazz 8 years ago

Very nice.

user ankur
ankur 8 years ago

great work..................

user tarheels09
tarheels09 8 years ago

Any way to adjust the timer so that different frames can have different time intervals before transitioning to the next slide?

user wafaa
wafaa 8 years ago

Good job please can you put next and previous button

user drag_king
drag_king 8 years ago

can you puplish image5 and images2's fla ?

user serhat
serhat 8 years ago

Good work

user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 9 years ago

thanks for the comments

user phoenix182
phoenix182 9 years ago


user dequila
dequila 9 years ago

Really cool~~~

user darkwarrior
darkwarrior 9 years ago

hey the water effect is greate, so years ago i want learn how do that....(sorry if m english is bad).

user chuy
chuy 9 years ago

Probablly last project?
How come?
All your files are THE real deal mate.

user imeera
imeera 9 years ago

Well done!

user awaischamp
awaischamp 9 years ago

water effect was really cool stuff.. nice work!

PTOLOMEO 9 years ago


user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 9 years ago

thanks for all your great comments. i'm going back to work in a few days, so any suggestions for my next and probably last project would be welcome.

user williak1
williak1 9 years ago

I love the water effect and the ultra smooth transitions. Really great work and thank you Tristan for sharing.

user darkwarrior
darkwarrior 9 years ago

its sooo clean , sooo slow, sooo goooddd

user sstone700
sstone700 9 years ago

This is awesome! I'm new to this site and I think the work displayed here is exceptional! The best to you!!!

user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 9 years ago

your very welcome. thanks for the comments.

user jorgerosa
jorgerosa 9 years ago

"simple yet so effective", couldnt say better. Thanks for share. :)

user theadventor
theadventor 9 years ago

Nice work. Extremely simple yet so effective.