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color calculator stepwise as3

In between 2 entered colors calculate as many solid plain stepwise fading hexadecimal color tone values as you like. Enter these 2 color values with as3 - flash 9 colorPicker components or manually. Features an export to clipboard button, a visual color theme preview display and radio buttons to ease array integration of the hexadecimal colors' output string. Bitwise shift and percent calculation!
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user vivienmott
vivienmott 1 decade ago

This is so good just for myself when I want to see a range of colors when doing a web site, great

user mazinhobr
mazinhobr 1 decade ago

Perfect!, very good!

user momodepuyricard
momodepuyricard 1 decade ago

excellent !

user Sfix1
Sfix1 1 decade ago

ZAjebiszcze Pozdro!!!!

LFRYARTGUY 1 decade ago

very useful &

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