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Aires Photo Gallery V3

Support the developer of this gallery, making a small contribution. 44

Follow the link below, a gallery of images similar, but with fullscreen, image panning and an MP3 player. _gallery_v3_1_resizable_1169.html?apage=65

With some changes in the look of the other versions, but with a code...
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user reiads
reiads 8 years ago

So with this design I just have to create a folder called images and store my files there and the php will generate the filename?

user sanjiban
sanjiban 8 years ago

How do i do it fullscreen resizable???? please help me:

user F.DeSign
F.DeSign 10 years ago

Hello Aires,
I likethis gallery so much but I'm so curious about a thing... How you put your addresses on pictures (clicking right mouse button on it) I'm so interested about that option but I can't do it... is it easy?? can you give me a help please

user wiyono
wiyono 1 decade ago

I try to give the mneu (thumb)name not pic... but i have done success...
Can you help me?
Thank you.

user Bornouttarespect
Bornouttarespect 1 decade ago

The gallery is great, and came in very useful! However, there's a small glitch that keeps occuring. Whenever you scroll below the thumbnail pictures, that thumbnail content is jumping up and down, making it look very glitchy. I was wondering if there was a way to fix that or improve it so when you move the cursor out of the swf file, the thumbnail portion of the gallery closes naturally.

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