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The ball is the physics part of this. I understand, not that special. The cool part is that the ball's y-coordinate is used as an action trigger. (in this case, if you "throw" the ball, the dog starts running around! Yay! Hehe. This was a banner concept I did for my company that never got used. . .so this way, it gets used! Enjoy.
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physics dog ball bounce throw play fun

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user higorockz
higorockz 10 years ago

this is amazing

user firebode
firebode 10 years ago

great job!

user happybear
happybear 1 decade ago the dog running around in the back

user bullyjosh
the listing author bullyjosh 1 decade ago

Hehe - it is much harder to infer meaning in written text than in conversation. We are in need of a sarc mark in the modern written word - indeed, a whole slew of emoticon-like marks to infer meaning! No forgiveness is needed, it was just a misunderstanding. Thanks for the clarification though. Cheers!

user ganesh05
ganesh05 1 decade ago

Hey i didn't mean that it was stolen........... it is nice interactivity... We all do the same as u told.. my suggestion to you is to implement this code for nice game like...such as count the click and push clicks number to a text box and let user count the clicks.. isn't it nice.... any way u have possitive mind.. if heart u i beg your appologies..........

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