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Working ASP mail form

a working ASP Mail form, only need to add your email and your domain smtp address.
i didnt create this form but i wanted to share it as i know how much its difficult to find a working ASP mail form

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asp mail form

Download (39.89 KB)


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user wasbahi
the listing author wasbahi 10 years ago

i'm sorry its by mistake its correct this is AS3 script

user atacar
atacar 1 decade ago

Thanks, dude...

user snikerskaka
snikerskaka 1 decade ago

j'aime bien votre travail flicitation

user veeroo18
veeroo18 1 decade ago

hey man project is in as3 why do you have categorized it in as2 ?

user robloxflasher
robloxflasher 1 decade ago

how the **** do i edit?

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