Miscellaneous files. Files and scripts that cannot be categorized into other categories for now.

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Flash double click utility

Flash double click utility Introduction DoubleClick is a simple and easy to use class that adds double click functionality to any MovieClip on stage, i ...
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Move object along a path drawn by user

Move object along a path drawn by user Initially, there are two dots A and B displayed on the screen. User are required to draw a line between this two dots which w ...
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Calculator This calculator is much similar to Android's but contains memory functions also. And also it has got an easter egg - divide ...
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Drawing using Pencil

Drawing using Pencil These are builtin components in flash. I'm just showing its use here. please give comments for this thanks
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Spray Effect

Spray Effect This is spray effect using Action Script 3.0. You can use this one in your OWN way. I have used as a brush to color a Image ...
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Pure CSS Interactive Map

Pure CSS Interactive Map Pure CSS Interactive Map created by Michael Mroz. Click on map dots to get popup info.
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PopUpManager Close a PopUpManager window with it's close button.
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