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Free media player scripts for websites, video players, music players, etc.

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AS 3.0 XML MP3 Player

AS 3.0 XML MP3 Player Probably the only free mp3 player with a scrubber. Mp3's not included here. See the listing link to get the latest version. ...
Rated 4.7 of 5 22037

Player FLV FullScreen Video

Player FLV FullScreen Video Its a progressive FLV player, with full screen (full screen work only with player 9). The fullscreen need a html parameter, u ...
Rated 4.2 of 5 16101

XML MP3 Player

XML MP3 Player XML Flash MP3 Player with track picker drop-down menu. And media control buttons like Play/Pause/Stop buttons.
Rated 4.6 of 5 15711

simple XML mp3 player

simple XML mp3 player ZIP file This mp3 player uses XML to drive it's playlist. Designed to be as simple as possible, yet pleasing to the eye, the ...
Rated 4.4 of 5 10167

Mute button with fade V2

Mute button with fade V2 A button that can mute/unmute a sound with fade in and fade out effect. Sound is property of jermai.de . Note: when open ...
Rated 4.4 of 5 8739

another mp3 player take-3

another mp3 player take-3 use the right-click menu for more options. xml driven with a few custom options.
Rated 4.3 of 5 8143

Mute button with fade

Mute button with fade A button that mutes / unmutes a sound with fade in and fade out effect. The sound used is property of www.jermai.de How t ...
Rated 4.2 of 5 7320